NOVEMBER 12, 2004



The Board of Directors of the Messer Pond Protective Association met at the home of President Jane Landenberger on Friday, November 12, 2004, at 7 p.m.  In addition to Jane, those present were Vice President Bob Brown, Treasurer Derek Hunt, Secretary Betty Brown, Directors Sandy Brown, Jack Hughes, Brian Wicenski and Fred Kaufman - Ex-officio.  Director Gerry Rogoff was unable to attend this meeting.

President Landenberger opened the meeting welcoming new Director Jack Hughes.

Jane asked if there was any discussion of Minutes of  The Board of Directors Meeting of June 25, 2004.  An explanation of  a “Lake Host” was given to Jack Hughes. 

A motion was then made by Brian Wicenski to accept the Board Minutes of June 25, 2004, as published.  This motion was seconded and so voted.

Minutes of The Board of Directors Meeting of September 10, 2004, were approved as printed, with a comment from Derek Hunt that the names of all MPPA volunteers having attended the LSPA Milfoil Training Session should be mentioned in the fall newsletter with our thanks.

Betty will send a welcome letter to the families who bought the Simeone and Cruikshank properties.

The target date for mailing the newsletter out is November l5th.  Bob Brown reminded directors that we agreed the newsletter needs to be reviewed by board members prior to distribution.   

Derek Hunt reported $l960 income in dues only and $l455 in donations.  With  upcoming miscellaneous expenses including signage and the “Ponderings” Newsletter, guessing we will have approximately $4800 left.  Derek requested that the Board authorize him to take $l000 from the $4800 to purchase a six-month CD.  Next year when the Board approves the budget, he would like to move another $l000 into a CD.  Brian Wicenski asked if the Board has considered a Money Market Account which has greater flexibility.  After discussion, the Board voted to authorize Treasurer Derek Hunt to move $l000 into a CD on 12/l/04.

Jack Hughes will check into alternate vehicles to CD’s - something that will do more than our CD’s are doing for us.    

Derek would like to get some input from one or two people on the board to develop the budget for next year.  He would like some targets from these people.  We are aware the 2005 Annual Meeting may cost us a little more since the Georges Mills Boat Club is not available for our meeting in July.  At our last meeting Jane had suggested some money-making ideas for our Special Projects Fund - having T-shirts and/or MPPA flags made up for sale to members.  Do we want to pursue this?  After some discussion, it was decided that Jane would have a sample T-shirt ($l5.95) made up and her flag, used at last summer’s regatta, would also serve as a model to be displayed at the next social activity. If there is interest by members at the gathering, we will go forward with the idea.  

Sandy Brown reported the Winter Wine and Cheese Party is scheduled for December 4th. The gathering will be hosted by John and Pat Harris at their home on 66 Little Cove Road. The time will be 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.  As Social Activities Director, Sandy will send out a notice two weeks before the party.  She also reminded board members that we are  each responsible for bringing some type of cheese for this gathering.

Jane asked for a report on the Scanlon property issue.  Fred reported that since the Planning Board had met the second week in September, and we had not had any response to our letter long after they met, he decided to call Chair Karen Ebel in Jane‘s absence.  Karen had not attended that September PBM, and did not know anything about the letter.  She did get back to Fred with a verbal explanation of what had taken place.  She asked if a written reply was necessary and Fred told her he felt he could relay her comments to the Board, which he did in writing.  However, after discussing this with Jane Landenberger and Bob Brown, he wrote Karen that the Planning Board should get back to the MPPA in writing as initially requested.  Jane will send copies of any response she receives from the Planning Board to everyone on the board.

Jane has a call into the State since we have not heard back from David Bartlett regarding the buoy marker in the NO WAKE zone.  Brian Wicenski mentioned that the razor-back rock needs a red top marker.  Officer Hanson said he would take care of this, but it hasn’t happened yet either.  Brian will be given a copy of our 6/26/04 letter to NHDSS Director David Barrett, and will follow up with him to move this along.

At the last meeting, September l0th, Gerry Rogoff was asked to explore possible arrangements for an annual milfoil inspection of the pond to complement and back up the efforts of the volunteer weed watchers.  Although Gerry could not be here this evening, he submitted a very thorough written report with his findings and recommendations, copy of which everyone received prior to this evening’s meeting for their review.

Gerry contacted four potential inspectors, and he advised they are all available to do the work, but with varying costs and conditions.  He then listed them in his suggested order of preference, depending on their availability as follows:

1)  Amy Smagula, NH Department of Environmental Services  (Amy has been person responsible for providing interns to train our weed-watchers in plant identification, an area of her expertise.)  She can provide the milfoil inspection service, but not reliably on an annual basis.  However, she has tentatively put it on her calendar for next August, exact time to be set a week or two in advance. She will do the inspection herself.  No charge for inspection. 

2)  Laurie Callahan, independent professional aquatic biologist, who was employed in the past by LSPA and recommended by LSPA’s Executive Director Phil O’Brien.  She is now in Maine.  She estimates a day to do a thorough survey. Would charge $20-30/hour x 8 hours +mileage = max. cost to be about $332.  

3)  Lycott Environmental, Inc. (Southbridge,MA)  (Lycott had one of their biologists look at Messer Pond last year when a few of us were discussing possibilities for weed removal.)  They indicated the optimum time for an effective milfoil inspection is about August or September, but it would be cheaper for us to do it in September after their busy summer season, which is their peak, high-cost business period.  Cost would be $l,000 in summer, $500 in September. 

4)  Aquatic Control Technology, Inc. (Sutton, MA)  (They have done work on Lake Kezar)  They said the optimum time for milfoil search is about May-September, probably about August.  Proposed a comprehensive vegetation assessment in the first year to establish a baseline (about $l,500).  Subsequent annual milfoil surveys would run about $700. 

Gerry recommends that the Board approve an annual inspection with the order of preference being: 

1) Amy Smagula

2) Laurie Callahan 

3) Lycott Environmental 

Considering cost, he recommends that Aquatic Control Technology be considered only if the preferred three are unavailable and if an additional search does not turn up a lower-cost, reasonable alternative.

Gerry’s recommendation is that the Board authorize his contacting Amy Smagula next summer as described in his report, arranging for an alternative if she cannot do it, and continuing to arrange for annual inspections with the order of preference as given in his report.

The Board approves Gerry’s recommendation to have the milfoil inspection done by Amy Smagula, but suggested that Gerry find out why she can only do an inspection every other year.

Jane stated that Lake Sunapee Protective Association has set up a Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition and they would like a representative from Messer Pond for communication purposes.  John Harris was suggested as the person to represent us.  Jane will check with John and report back to the board.

Fred Kaufman reported the cost of the mail box and sign at the iron gate is $364.85 .

Sandy asked if anyone had room in their basement to store a supply of soda water belonging to the Association.  Jane told her she would put it in her basement.

New Business:

Gerry Rogoff has requested that the backside of the new sign at the iron gate be painted a different color.  He doesn’t like the color white because it sticks out.  He would be happy to paint it.  The Board voted to purchase the paint and sand paper for Gerry to paint the sign to blend in with the gate. 

Fred Kaufman has been looking into alternative locations for our 2005 MPPA Annual Meeting and Picnic.  Possible locations are as follows:

1)  Slope & Shore

They will map out their schedule in early spring. 

Cost:  Do not know yet if there is any.

2)  Colby-Sawyer College

Cost: $l00 rental fee for use of the Lethbridge Lodge and $80 for a security officer.

Tennis courts are adjacent to the lodge.

We may be able to include a demonstration on water testing in the lab.

Other locations mentioned for the annual meeting were the New London Historical Society, Messer Pond and Muster Field Farm.  Fred tentatively set a date with the college. After discussion, it was agreed by the Board that he will pursue this with Doug Atkins at Colby-Sawyer College.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Friday, February 11, 2005, at 7 p.m. at the home of  President Landenberger.   

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth A. Brown, Secretary





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