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Milfoil infestation in a marina on Squam Lake            Photos Courtesy NHDES

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Facts and Figures from NHDES

* Over 55 of New Hampshire's waterbodies are impacted by various species of EXOTIC aquatic plants.
* The dispersal of plant fragments poses the greatest threat to our waterbodies. Each fragment is capable of producing another plant.
* EXOTIC aquatic plants can reduce the diversity of native plant, animal, and insect species.
* Most NATIVE plant species are very beneficial to our waterbodies, providing food, shelter, and oxygen for organisms in and around the water.
* EXOTIC aquatic plants can reduce the value of waterfront properties.
* EXOTIC aquatic plants can make boating and swimming difficult and dangerous.
* Dense growths of EXOTIC aquatic plants can stunt fish growth, impacting the fisheries in our waterbodies.
* Milfoil and fanwort can grow as tall as 20 feet in waterbodies they infest.
* Of the fourteen species of prohibited exotic plants, eight are currently found in New Hampshire. Others are already present in neighboring states!
* YOU can help prevent the spread of exotic aquatic plants.



June 2006, Amy Smagula from NHDES provides On-Pond Training to MPPA Weed Watchers


View "Alien Invasion" by Amy Smagula and Liza Poinier - An article published by Wildlife Journal describing the danger of aquatic invasive species and what we can do to protect New Hampshire's waterbodies


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