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February 17th

On February 17th, our First February Fun Day was held on Messer Pond.  Organized by Jeff Troxell and Derek Hunt, Messer Ponders enjoyed an afternoon of dog sledding.  Nik Palmer and Anastasia Seyer of Brinbella Kennel ( in Enfield gave a wonderful demonstration on the pond and offered rides to the children and moms.  Then the event moved to the New London Historical Society Meeting House where Nik and Anastasia led a discussion on dog sledding.  Kathy Jackson also talked about her involvement with dog sledding as a veterinarian.  It was a great afternoon!  Thanks to everyone who helped and participated!  Thanks also to those members who generously donated the fee for the use of the NLHS Meeting House.

Anastasia Seyer and Nik Palmer check harnesses before giving rides to family and friends of Messer Ponders.

Anastasia gives Ky a love hug.  Nik and Anastasia love and care for their dogs first, mushing comes second.

Five of the eleven Brinbella dogs lead Gabrielle and Katie Paquette (daughters of Kelly and JP Paquette) on a fun tour of the pond, driven by Nik Palmer.

Finn Brown and mom, Julie Brown (daughter-in-law of Les and Betty Brown) are bundled up and ready for fun!

Magnum and Addilicious (Addie)

Rusty, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, runs in the middle of the team.  He thinks he is a Siberian Husky!

Leif and Kai Martens-Wallace with mom, Freya Martens (daughter of George and Margaret Martens), are about to embark on a ride of a lifetime!

Elise Paquette (daughter of Kelly and JP Paquette) and Charlotte Perkins (daughter of Jim Perkins of the New London Historical Society) come in for a landing after a great ride!

Ky and Payson lead the team this time

Kyzul, Ky-Guy, Zen Master Ky!

Nik listens while Kathy Jackson, daughter of Larry and Joan Ferlan, speaks of her experiences as a veterinarian and her involvement with dog sledding.

Many thanks to photographers Gordon Bingham, Betty Brown and Nancy Stetson




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