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Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)...


Male (left) and Female (right)

Gordon Bingham, 5-2-07

Bruce Stetson, 5-17-07


The following are excerpts from Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds":



Sex Differences

Male with bright green head and pale body, female dull brown all over.

Cool Facts


Found in all wetland habitats.


Insects and larvae, aquatic invertebrates, seeds, acorns, aquatic vegetation, grain.


Foraging - Dabbles, filter-feeds at surface of water, tips-up in shallow water, and makes occasional dives in deeper water.


Nest Type - Depression scraped in ground. Lined with vegetation and down from female's breast.

Egg Description - Creamy to greenish buff.   Incubation period 23-30 days.

Clutch Size - 1 to 13 eggs.

Condition at Hatching - Covered in down.  Chicks leave nest at 13-16 hours after hatching, independent at 52-70 days.

Conservation Status

Most widespread and abundant duck in North America, and the most heavily hunted.  Populations closely tracked by wildlife agencies.


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