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Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)...

Male Wood Duck, breeding plumage

Female Wood Duck











Male Wood Duck,

non-breeding plumage

The following are excerpts from Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds":


Cool Facts


Found in forested wetlands, including along rivers, swamps, marshes, ponds, and lakes.


Seeds, acorns, fruits, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates.


Foraging - Moves rapidly and pecks and dabbles on water surface.  May tip-up or dive for submerged food items.


Nest Type - Nest in preformed cavities in trees or nest boxes.  Lined with down from female's breast.

Egg Description - Glossy creamy white to tan.

Clutch Size - Usually 6-15 eggs.  Range: 6-40.

Condition at Hatching - Covered in down and able to leave the nest soon after.

Conservation Status

Declined dramatically in late 19th century, but recovered in 20th.  Current populations stable or increasing.


MPPA wood duck boxes have been installed on Town bog land at the east and west ends of Messer Pond.  Weather made this project difficult as temperatures had been too warm or too cold to provide stable or penetrable sites on the bog material.  Member Scott Brown built six (6) duck boxes last fall per guidance from NH Fish & Game Dept. and had been working on this project as time and weather allowed.  The boxes, iron posts, predator guards, hardware, etc., have been arranged by Scott with some local supporters providing some materials at no cost to MPPA.  Special thanks to Yah Maguire for allowing easy access to the bog.  Photos by Bob Brown, 03-10-07.


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