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Messer Pond Protective Association

The MPPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

Your Donations are Tax Deductible to the full extent of the law.

Updated June 16, 2021

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Great Blue Heron and Mallard Drakes

 from our June 2021 "On Messer Pond" Calendar

Photo by Keith Greenawalt

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The Messer Pond Protective Association (MPPA) is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to oversee the well-being of Messer Pond and the surrounding watershed in New London, New Hampshire.  Our goals are to maintain the health and beauty of Messer Pond for the benefit of all human and wildlife residents. 

The MPPA was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1997.  Its primary purposes are threefold: environmental, educational and effective public access.  Specifically:

a)  Promote stewardship of and monitor Messer Pond and its watershed area to preserve and protect its many qualities as a natural resource;

b)  Educate its membership, the community, and the general public on the proper environmental preservation and use of Messer Pond and its watershed;

c)  To maintain insofar as possible a desirable water level for Messer Pond;

d)  Assist in and support the work of federal, state, and local authorities in protecting Messer Pond's ecology with respect to water purity and its natural populations of fish, water birds and other wildlife;

e)  Educate its membership, the community and the general public using the water body about the boating rules and regulations, both state and local, pertaining to Messer Pond; and encourage all to comply with such rules and regulations; and

f)  Promote and assist in other events and activities that advance the purity, safety and recreational value of Messer Pond and collaborate with other organizations in endeavors that further the purposes of the MPPA.

MPPA is a Proud Member of: NH Lakes LSPA


Messer Pond Protective Association
PO Box 103
New London, NH 03257

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