FEBRUARY 9, 2007



The Board of Directors met at the home of President Bob Brown on Friday, February 9, 2007, at 7 p.m.  Members present were Bob Brown, Bob Crane, Jean-Pierre Paquette, Nancy Stetson, Barbara Troxell, Brian Wicenski and Betty Brown.  Absent: Jackie Parcells who was away on business.  Association member Sandy Brown also attended this meeting.           

The meeting was opened by President Bob Brown calling for discussion of board minutes of November 3, 2006.  Board members had reviewed emailed minutes prior to the meeting and had been asked to contact the secretary with their comments.  After discussion, a motion to accept the minutes as printed was made and seconded.  The minutes were approved by all. 

Action items from our last meeting were discussed.  A few items still need to be completed and will be discussed later in the meeting. 

Membership report was given by Betty Brown advising that since our last meeting, we have received renewal memberships for 2006 from Stanley Richards, Keith and Beth Greenawalt, Kent and Ann Greenawalt and sons as well as new memberships from Steve and Linda Smith, who bought the Rayda home on Forest Acres Road.  The seven renewals and two new memberships represent four families.  We have also received our first renewal memberships for 2007 from George and Margaret Martens. 

Betty will mail out a 2007 spring membership letter with renewal application form.  This will be a separate mailing from the Messer Ponderings Newsletter which comes out in May. 

Treasurer’s report was given by JP Paquette.  He went over our current financial status and has modified the reporting process.  He presented a four-page breakdown.  JP prefers to treat our MPPA Funds as a true balance, showing Beginning Cash and CDs as Cash Value and CD Value.  Our Checking Account Balance at Lake Sunapee Bank is $4,486.67 ($3,756.67 in cash + $730.00 Capital Reserve held in cash).  Capital Reserve held in CDs is $2,075.71.  Assets Sub-total: $6,562.38; Liabilities: $0.00; MPPA Funds Balance: $6,562.38.  We have two CDs and both are held at Mascoma Savings Bank.  Both CDs can have any dollar amount added to the current balance as long as it occurs two weeks prior to roll-over. 

JP noted that all expenses have been broken out separately on the $1,000 NL Town Milfoil Grant received in 2004.  After expenses of $405.81, there is a remaining balance of $594.l9.  Brian Wicenski would like to propose we return the balance to the town.  The president said he had discussed these funds with the Town administrator sometime ago and was told we do not have to return the remaining Milfoil funds until the end of this year.  New London will be sending out its 2007 Milfoil funding letter to the lake associations in April.  We need to put together a list of all our current programs for the prevention of milfoil and exotic plants in Messer Pond as well as any future programs planned by MPPA so we will have this information available to report. 

Also we need to work on a pilot program for Lake Hosts.  Bob Crane would be responsible for this area.  Besides volunteer hosts, we would have to hire paid hosts, all to be trained by New Hampshire Lakes Association.  First and foremost, we must find the Point Person.  This person would be responsible for planning the program, hiring the paid Lake Hosts, scheduling the training sessions at NHLA for all our volunteer and paid hosts and the staffing of the boat launch.  Since Terri Bingham is our Weed Watch Chairperson, she will be contacted first as to her interest in heading up the program.  Because Bob Crane will be away for the remainder of the month of February, Nancy Stetson volunteered to contact Terri in this regard.  It is very important that we put together any programs we have set up and make note of everything we are doing in the areas of prevention, education and any other mechanisms we have in place to be used in our request for Lake Host Program funding from the NHLA. 

During discussion of the treasurer’s report, it was mentioned that historically association funds have been held in very low interest bearing accounts and it was suggested that we look at other instruments to ensure we are receiving the best possible return on MPPA funds.  JP is looking into this. 

Many thanks to Terri and Gordon Bingham for graciously hosting the MPPA Wine and Cheese Gathering in their lovely home last December.  Barbara Troxell received a nice note from them thanking the board for the hostess basket. 

Barbara reported on upcoming social and education events as follows: 


Fish and Wildlife:  In Jackie’s absence, Bob Brown reported the duck boxes need to be put out within the next three weeks.  He will contact Jackie about this.  It has been suggested that they be put out on town bog land.     


Water Quality:  Nancy has done a nice job on the Water Quality addition on the website.  There is a good deal of information posted on this page and ten years of data all plotted on the web.    


Messer Pond Watershed – Culverts:  As discussed at our last meeting, there was to be a walk around the roads including I89, within the M.P. Watershed to take notes on culverts, etc.  Bob Brown did a pre-walk on January 5th.  He noted 9 culverts down on I89, with three culverts flowing heavily.  The biggest flow was coming down to Nutter Brook, with two feeding it (list of culvert locations attached).  JP Paquette and Bob Crane did a walk last week and they will also put together a list of the areas they covered with descriptions of the culverts and their locations.  They walked up behind JP’s property, through the Brown’s property, Nutter Brook and Haas property, taking some digital shots.  They will add descriptions to photos taken.  All the digital photos with descriptions will then be sent to Nancy for posting on the website.  Bob Brown said the walk raised more questions than answers. 


Barbara Troxell asked what our next step is with the Town and State on the roads.  Preserving this water resource is important.  At what point do we, as a board, plan to proceed.  Bob Crane said he feels the board needs to make a strong recommendation.  He thinks we have as much information as we are going to get now.  JP commented that we have no control over the state highway. Some of the culverts are feeding north and southbound lanes.  We can’t control the salt used on the roads by the state.  The dirt roads around Messer Pond need to be addressed.  Bob Brown said he would not discount working with the state.  He will see what he can find out.  He has had a conversation with Town Road Agent Richard Lee about the possibility of extending culverts.  They discussed putting in more rip rap (large crushed stone) to slow down runoff, also building up some shoulders and installing additional silt basins in certain areas.  Richard has agreed to put this on his list. 


The board discussed several questions we have for the Town as to how we can best protect our pond while maintaining the roads around it and agreed that directors will each email a list of questions to Brian Wicenski since Bob Crane will be away.  Brian will then put questions in bullet form with a cover letter to Richard Lee.  Once the directors have read and agreed to the bulleted list of questions, it will be presented to Richard in person, asking for his help.  This needs to be accomplished within two weeks.  Perhaps we could schedule a separate meeting with Richard Lee at a time and place convenient for him once he has had time to review the questions.


The DES Watershed Website link will be listed in our May newsletter as an FYI for MPPA members.  This is a good information source.


Forest Acres Road Determination:  Bob Brown brought to this meeting to be filed in our MPPA records a copy of the Forest Acres Road Determination document dated October 18, l966.  The road determination was for the Town to accept the existing sub-standard private road (Forest Acres Road).  All residents were in favor of New London taking the road, but two owners never paid their share, even after saying that they would…$90/front lot and $25/back lot.  This interesting document is now filed in our MPPA records.


Weed Management:  We will invite Terri Bingham to our next meeting for an update on the weed management program and perhaps she will have heard from Amy Smagula at the NHDES regarding pond inspection this year.


Bob Crane gave an update on the Snow property development.  Harry Snow is putting together documentation needed to file a wetland application with the New Hampshire Wetlands Bureau for wetland impacts associated with driveway crossings and a fire pond.  Some of the zoning regulations need to be rectified.  With documentation in place, the planning board would support the wetlands variance.


Membership in Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust:  We have been approached by one of our association members, requesting MPPA become a member of the ASLPT.  The president asked the board for a decision on membership.  The directors agreed that MPPA should become a member.  JP Paquette moved that we spend $l00 to join the land trust.  The motion was seconded and so voted. 


Bob Brown asked for volunteers for a Nominating Committee.  Barbara Troxell, Nancy Stetson and Betty Brown offered to make up the committee working with the president to prepare a list of candidates to fill any open board position for next year.  Once the committee has recommended its slate of officers and directors, it will then be brought to this board for approval in order to be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting in July.  We will need the committee report on candidates available at the earliest possible time.  There are two board meetings before the MPPA Annual Meeting in July.  The slate must be ready to be presented before our last board meeting in June.      


Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 6, 2007.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:45. p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Elizabeth A. Brown, Secretary





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