FEBRUARY 24, 2006

(Approved by BOD 4/7/06)


The MPPA Board of Directors met at the home of President Bob Brown on February 24, 2006, at 7 p.m.  Members present were Bob Brown, Bob Crane, Derek Hunt, Barbara Troxell, Fred Kaufman and Betty Brown.  Other attendees were Sandy Brown, Nancy and Bruce Stetson.  Absent were Harrison Roberts, Jane Landenberger (away) and Brian Wicenski (away).

The meeting was opened with Bob asking for discussion of Board Minutes of 10/28/05.  He noted that the first name of  New London’s road agent Mr. Lee is Richard, not Robert as mentioned on the third page of the minutes.  With no further discussion, he called for a motion to accept the minutes as printed with the name change.  The motion was moved, seconded and minutes were approved unanimously.  Minutes will be sent out to the membership by Betty.

Treasurer Derek Hunt asked if the Town wants us to return the unused funds granted MPPA in 2004 for milfoil prevention.  Bob said that the Town has agreed we may hold the excess grant money until next year with the understanding that we must report to them all expenditures of this program. 

Derek hasn’t yet paid the $250 annual membership fee to the NH Lakes Association.  He wanted Board approval before doing this.  The benefits of being a NHLA member were briefly discussed and a motion was then made, moved and seconded with unanimous agreement that we send the $250 to NHLA. 

Membership update: The secretary reported that with membership renewal of three more families in December, we currently have a total of 116 MPPA members.  Also discussed was a membership drive for 2006.  Last fall our treasurer had suggested an earlier mailing of the membership application in the spring would be helpful in the planning and funding of our programs.    

Betty suggested we send out a letter mentioning some of MPPA’s current projects or activities as well as programs in the planning for this summer.  An application would be enclosed with the letter to be sent to current members and any non-member residents or prospective members living on or around the pond who may be interested in joining MPPA.  Several suggestions were made by the Board.  The letter would be written by Betty and/or Bob.  It would be emailed to board members before mailing.  The application form should have our logo at the top with our gmail and web site address also added.  MPPA Note Cards and T-shirts currently listed on the form will be listed on our website.  The mailing will go out in March rather than in the May newsletter as in previous years.

The spring newsletter will be out in mid May.  Fred Kaufman has asked for an article on MPPA’s new website for this issue.  Bob then asked that each board member write a report on their particular area of responsibility or other article of interest and submit it to Fred.  Our editor has decided that the Spring 2006 Newsletter will be his last issue.  Fred has been the editor of Messer Ponderings for ten years and feels it’s time to put his efforts into other areas of interest.  He has done a wonderful job as the editor of the newsletter and he is much appreciated by all.  We are currently looking for a volunteer interested in being the editor. 

Website discussion:  Nancy and Bruce Stetson were in attendance at this meeting.  We discussed the new website content and various information to be used on the site.  Bob had asked Betty to provide members with a list of potential links on areas of interest to be considered for listing on our site.  Members decided to use the list, striking two links mentioned.  This list was also given to Nancy as the Web Administrator.  In discussion, board members decided any forthcoming potential links should be e-mailed to Betty, then on to board members and Nancy for her use.  Minutes will go to Nancy for the archives.  The DES Report on the results of the August Pond Inspection as well as various articles of interest and any photos of activities on the pond or related events should be put on the website.  Previous newsletters, notification of upcoming programs, volunteering opportunities and much more could be on our site. 

Land issues:  Bob Brown and Bob Crane will contact Richard Lee, Town Road Agent, and schedule a walk around the Pond area to discuss concerns and questions we have regarding road erosion and drainage into the pond.  We need to be better educated on this.

Derek brought up the point that sometime in the future, he thinks the Town plans to pave Forest Acres Road and if that is the case, suggested we should perhaps ask the membership their opinion on whether or not it should be paved. 

Bob Brown discussed communication he has had with members of the NH Fish & Game Department.  He had emailed Kris Harmon at the F&G New Hampton office for information on wildlife.  He found their staff to be very helpful.  Heidi Murphy is the official Fish & Game Officer.  There is quite a bit of information out there for us.  UNH Cooperative has recently published a Landowners Guide to Inventorying and Monitoring Wildlife.  Bob ordered a copy of the publication for MPPA.  He was also advised that NH Fish & Game has a Small Grants Program to provide technical assistance to landowners to create or maintain habitat for wildlife.  Heidi Murphy dropped off a duck box as a sample for use in making additional boxes to be set out.  Volunteers are needed.  Bob Crane suggested we involve the Conservation Commission in maintaining the duck boxes.  Perhaps they would come down on their winter outings.  Ruth White would be the CC contact.  Bob Crane also said the duck box posts should be 50 feet from the water and 5 feet off the ground.  Conservation Commission involvement would be good.  Bob also mentioned that Fisheries Biologist, John Viar, has concerns on removing downed trees close to the water.  There is much to learn in this area. 

Bob Brown reported he has been talking with people about the open director position and discussed the need for new volunteers and increased membership involvement with several members.  Two members have expressed interest in participating in MPPA projects.  Hopefully, this interest will prove to be a rewarding experience and they and others will develop an interest in serving as future Directors. 

Educational programs: Barbara Troxell said she recently heard Sara Smith from UNH give a talk on “Turtle Ponds” at the St Paul’s School in Bow.  It was both entertaining and educational.  Barbara would like to have Sara Smith come and give this talk as one of our MPPA-sponsored educational programs this summer.  In discussion, members thought perhaps early July, on a Monday or Tuesday, July l0th or 11th.  She will contact Sara about these dates or get a few dates from her.  Another possible program would be to have someone from the NHDES come and talk to us about wells.  Members thought this sounded good at a later date.  We should market and sponsor these programs.  A meeting location will need to be found in either instance. 

Speaking of location, the Annual Meeting is scheduled for July 22nd and we will need to book a meeting location.  Barbara said that people at the meeting last July seemed very pleased with Colby’s Lethbridge Lodge.  Perhaps we should have it there again.  The only other locations even mentioned as possibilities were the Georges Mills Boat Club and the Historical Society.  We would need to reserve the Lodge or other location as soon as possible because this is a very busy area in the summer. 

Barbara reported that she and Derek are going to meet and discuss the 4th of July Celebration soon.  She mentioned we should be aware that there are more young children here in July and there is need to be mindful of youngsters’ bedtime when scheduling  fireworks.  The 9 p.m. hour is the “norm” since it is still light shortly before. 

We will need to find people to be in charge of the Regatta this year.  One or two family names were mentioned.  We need to follow up on this. 

Bob Brown said he has a conflict in June for our June 9th Board Meeting.  He asked if we could change this to later in June, perhaps Friday, the 23rd.  People didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but would check their calendars and get back to him. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:30.


Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth A. Brown





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