APRIL 7, 2006

(Approved by Board on 5/5/06)


The Board of Directors met Friday, April 7, 2006, at the home of President Bob Brown at 7 p.m.  Members present were Bob Brown, Bob Crane, Jane Landenberger, Barbara Troxell, Brian Wicenski and Betty Brown.  Also in attendance were Fred Kaufman and Sandy Brown.  Absent were Derek Hunt (out of town) and Harrison Roberts. 

Bob Brown opened the meeting calling for discussion of minutes of the BOD Meeting on February 24, 2006.  Bob Crane asked that we change the name of the Conservation Commission contact to Ruth White rather than George Green.  With this change in place and no further discussion, Bob Crane moved that the minutes be approved.  The motion was seconded, all in favor and approved.  

Membership Drive:  Betty Brown reported that a letter and renewal form was mailed out in late March.  The response to date has been encouraging.  We have 37 paid members as of today, representing l6 families.  This includes two new members.   In addition to membership dues, contributions to the Capital Reserve Fund amounted to $l40.00 and we have had five orders for note cards.  This will just about deplete our note card supply.  Fred Kaufman advised he has ordered note cards for us and they should arrive within a few days.  Thank you, Fred!   

Bob Brown said The Ponder Great Room has been booked at Colby-Sawyer College for MPPA’s Annual Meeting on July 22, 2006.  A fee of $200 will cover the rental cost and maintenance/security service. 

Website:  Nancy Stetson has requested information on the history of the Regatta along with any photos available for the website.  Betty will check with the Argus Champion on a write-up they did on the first Regatta.  Derek Hunt had taken photos and they are on a floppy disc.  Information and photos on the Regattas will be given to Nancy.  Bob Crane was asked to do a write-up on the Weed Watchers group with a list of team members for the website as well as an article for the May newsletter.   

Land Issues:  Bob Brown has contacted Richard Lee to do a walk around the roads within the Messer Pond watershed.  Mr. Lee is happy to get together with us, but will wait until the middle of April to do an early morning walk around with Bob Crane and Bob Brown.  There was some discussion of a pair of driveways on Forest Acres Road that have become a drainage issue due to winter snowplowing.  There are several questions we have regarding various areas on roads in the MP watershed.  It should be an interesting discussion with Richard Lee.  We hope to become better informed.  We will try to shoot for the week of April 24th for this walk since Bob Crane will be away until April l9th.

Education and Activities:  Barbara Troxell reported that plans are underway for the 4th of July Celebration.  This event, Tuesday, July 4th, will include a fishing derby for the younger crowd and a moveable feast at lunchtime selling and delivering grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, soft drinks and more to shoreline lots by chefs on a raft.  Eric Miller will use his boat to pull the raft around.  The money raised from the Moveable Feast will be used to build bat boxes to keep the mosquito population down.   It is also suggested that Pond residents light flares along their shoreline shortly before dark on the 4th.  Volunteer help is still needed with the 4th of July activities.  Barbara hopes to contact Steve Rayda and Harrison Roberts to ask for help with the fishing derby.  

Labor Day weekend, the Regatta will be held on Sunday, September 3rd.  There will be a boat parade with parade marshal.  We have the location for the party after the parade, the Hunt/Webster joint area.  Barbara has written a note to The Greenawalt Family inviting them to run the event this year and she will be in contact with them soon.  She also asked Bob Brown to be the parade marshal and he agreed to do it.  Thank you, Bob.  Of course, judges and other volunteers are still needed.  

As mentioned earlier, the MPPA Annual Meeting will take place on July 22nd in the Ponder Great Room at CSC’s Lethbridge Lodge.  Anne Wustrow has agreed to coordinate the Picnic again this year with help from last year’s group, Rose Simon, Jackie Parcells and others.  Volunteers are needed.  Glenda Cavallaro has agreed to be in charge of Reservations for the picnic.  Fred Kaufman reminded us to contact the college ahead of time and make a special request that maintenance personnel open windows early the morning of the meeting.  

There will be an educational program held on Tuesday, August 29th, at Tracey Memorial Library.  MPPA will sponsor the free lecture and slide show, “They Sawed Up a Storm.”  This is about a group of women who operated a sawmill on the shores of Turkey Pond in Concord where logs from The Hurricane of l938 were stored.  Pond residents should be interested because Messer Pond is one of the locations where logs were stored from the hurricane.  The presenter, Sarah S. Smith, is with the UNH Cooperative Extension.  Publicity for this program is encouraged in order to have a good turnout.  It will be an MPPA-sponsored event open to the public.  We could also contact other groups in the area such as conservation associations, NL Recreation Department, NL Historical Society as well as lake associations.  Advertising in the Shopper is always a good idea.  We might also post flyers at various locations in town.  Barbara also mentioned that Sarah Smith would be very interested in looking at official seals found on any stamped logs that may have surfaced on Messer Pond over the years.  

Another educational program mentioned at an earlier meeting, having someone come and talk about Water Testing and Wells, might be scheduled next spring or summer. 

Bob Brown has been talking with the NH Fish & Game biologist about doing a mini survey of the Pond.  He will keep this discussion going.  As mentioned at the last meeting, the Fish & Game officer had dropped off a duck box for the MPPA to use as a sample in building more.  Scott Brown has somehow found the time and materials to make 5 or 6 duck boxes and donated them to the MPPA.  Now we need to recruit people to help with duck box maintenance.   Ruth White of the Conservation Commission will work with us on where and how the boxes should be placed.  Bob Crane said February is the prime time to clean boxes and put in new shavings.  We will start out with the duck boxes Scott built and see how that goes.  The funds we hope to raise from the Moveable Feast on the 4th of July will be used to purchase materials for making bat houses.  Volunteers will be needed for this project.

Weed Management:  Bob Crane reported that Janie Webster is still interested in arranging the educational programs for the Weed Watcher crew.  The group members are Dick Cavallaro, Bob & Emma Crane, Jack Hughes, John & Pat Harris, Jane Landenberger, Jeff Troxell, Bruce & Nancy Stetson, Frank Voellmann and Les Brown.  Gerry Rogoff has declined.  Pond inspection: Gerry Rogoff has advised he contacted Amy Smagula of NHDES with the intent of scheduling another professional pond inspection this summer.  Amy would also like to arrange a training session for the Pond’s Weed Watchers.  One of the major roles of her job is education programs.  She looks at pond inspections as part of that education for the group.   The board discussed the scheduling process for these inspections.  It seems counterproductive to have a non-board member handling this task when he is unable to participate in the group activity and in fact, we already have a director responsible for this area.  It was decided we would write to Gerry informing him of this board’s decision that it is no longer necessary for him to continue scheduling annual Pond inspections.  We agree that early scheduling of this activity is a good thing and Amy Smagula will be in touch with the Board regarding the training sessions as well as the specific date of the Pond inspection.  Gerry’s efforts are appreciated and we welcome and encourage his participation in the many projects and activities of the Association.

Volunteer Recruitment:    Bob Brown advised that he has contacted several people who are willing to volunteer their time on different projects.  While we all want to fill vacancies, it is most important that the work of the Association be done.  When volunteers become involved by working on smaller or short-term projects, it opens doors for future board directors.  He has been in touch with two members who are interested in becoming involved.  One member, currently here part-time, will be making a permanent move up here in the spring.  He may be interested in the Weed Watcher group.  Bob has spoken with Nancy Stetson who has expressed an interest in filling a vacancy on the board.  She has been doing an excellent job as administrator of the MPPA Website.  Brian Wicenski moved that Nancy Stetson fill the board vacancy.  The motion was seconded and the board voted unanimously that she become a director.  Bob will contact Nancy to communicate the unanimous vote of the board. 

Issue of Bog Road gate location and property border:  Town Administrator Jessie Levine has advised us of a land issue concerning the gate at the Bog Road boat launch.  The Town, at MPPA’s request, installed a gate at the boat launch last year as part of our milfoil prevention program.  The Town paid for the cost of the installation.   The gate in its present location is approximately one foot or more on private property.    An abutter requested the gate be moved at the Town’s expense and that a small sign be attached to the gate with notice, “This pond access area crosses private property.  The property owners give permission to access the pond.  Pass at your own risk.”  The Town has agreed to move the gate and put up the sign.  The MPPA Board feels we should offer to pay for the gate being moved with the money still existing from our milfoil prevention grant funds.  We would gladly take that money and pay for the gate work. Bob Brown will communicate this to Jessie Levine.

During the month of April, a letter with application will be forthcoming from The Town of New London for milfoil prevention funds.  We should be thinking about this application and what projects/programs we want to do.  We discussed the Lake Host Program (applying for monitors) with volunteers filling some of the hours.  We need to look at past history.  Bob Crane suggested we might piggy back up with Pleasant Lake and their host program.  We know Amy Smagula of NHDES has put us on her list to do the Pond survey this year, so we will not have to pay for a survey.  Fred Kaufman asked if we want to put the clip board and sign in sheet for boaters back in our mailbox at the Bog Road boat launching area.  This was a good measure of the number of boaters and the busiest times, etc.   We all agreed this should be done again.  Fred was asked if he would please do this.  

Bob Brown then reminded people that Fred needs articles for the newsletter.  He also reminded board members that our June meeting will be on the 23rd at 7 p.m.

Fred Kaufman asked if there was any progress on finding an editor for the newsletter.  Bob said we continue to work on this. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 5th at 7 p.m. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth A. Brown





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