MAY 5, 2006

(Approved by Board on 6/23/06)


The Board of Directors met at the home of President Bob Brown on Friday, May 5, 2006, at 7 p.m.  Board members present were Bob Brown, Nancy Stetson and Betty Brown.    Members absent were Bob Crane, Derek Hunt, Jane Landenberger, Harrison Roberts, Barbara Troxell and Brian Wicenski.  Attendees present were Sandy Brown, Fred Kaufman and Janie Webster.

Bob opened the meeting asking for discussion of BOD Meeting minutes of April 7th.  Fred Kaufman mentioned his name should be listed as an attending member.  There being no further discussion, a motion was made to accept the minutes of 4/7/06 as printed with this modification.  The motion was seconded and minutes were approved.  Note: (Subsequent to the meeting, the secretary also requested and received approval of the 4/7/06 minutes from members absent on 5/5/06.)

New Director Nancy Stetson received a warm welcome by all present.  Nancy is doing a wonderful job as our Website Administrator and we are pleased to have her on the board.

Membership update:  Betty Brown reported we currently have received applications from 84 members for the year 2006, including new members Richard and Rosalie (Dick and Rody) Denise, Scott and Gia Gagnon and Frank and Beverly King.  A few members have expressed interest in participating in the areas of water quality, water monitoring and Fish/Game & Wildlife.  Bob Brown will contact members interested in volunteering.

Nancy Stetson reported the membership form is now up on our website.  Photos of the MPPA tee shirt and note card listed on the application may be added as well.  As more detail comes in on upcoming programs (4th of July celebration, Regatta, etc.), it will be added to the website.  Two links have been added on wood energy to our Reading Room page.  Nancy hopes to focus on Weed information soon.

Several directors have written articles for the May Newsletter.  Janie Webster has dates on training sessions for Weed Watchers which will be added to her newsletter article.  Amy Smagula will be doing training sessions on Thursday, June 22nd on Messer Pond, 1 pm – 3 pm at the Bog Road boat launch and another in Canaan on Goose Pond, Saturday, June 24th at 9 am.  Fred Kaufman has received all articles and included them in the spring issue which is now in Betty’s hands.

Bob asked the secretary to review meeting dates of last year and provide a proposed list of meetings for 2006/2007 at our June meeting.

Education – Annual Meetings:  Janie Webster suggested that Amy Smagula of the NH Department of Environmental Services be contacted to speak at our 2007 Annual Meeting.  Since most members attend the annual meeting, it would seem timely for educational programs.  Amy has a busy calendar and is booked early in the year by most lake associations.  Bob will talk with Barbara Troxell about contacting her as early as possible.  He will also talk with Barbara about an educational program for children.

Derek Hunt has advised his involvement in other non-profit activities is demanding more of his time, so he has decided to leave the board, effective at the close of the annual meeting in July.  Bob has suggested a Nominating Committee, consisting of Brian Wicenski and Betty Brown, come up with some names of potential candidates for the Treasurer position as well as the position of any director or officer who may not be planning to continue next year.  The board will be invited to help by suggesting MPPA member names.

Bob will discuss the agenda for the July 22nd Annual Meeting at our next board meeting.

After 10 years of service, Fred Kaufman has asked us to look for his replacement as editor of the Messer Ponderings Newsletter.  Betty Brown, Nancy Stetson and Barbara Troxell have offered to edit and publish the newsletter as a team, beginning with the Fall 2006 issue. Fred should expect to hear from us!

Land issues:  Bob Brown advised that he and Bob Crane met with Town Road Agent Richard Lee on May 4th and discussed the roads within the Messer Pond watershed.  Richard provided some interesting information about road maintenance, especially in the winter months.  Forest Acres Road has the highest traffic rate of the town’s total gravel roads.  The Town now uses the same mix of sand and salt on both paved and gravel roads, but gravel roads require up to four more applications of the mix to melt the same amount of ice.  There were three problem spots mentioned which should be discussed at our June Board meeting.  Bob Crane stated in his email to the board that if Forest Acres Road were paved, we would experience a significant reduction in the amount of salt and silt that enters Messer Pond.  Some conservationists suggest that silt is more of a problem than salt in affecting the health of the pond.   As far as the Town is concerned, there is no future plan to pave this road.  Bob Crane said the Town would pay for the upgrade to Forest Acres Road if we request it and provide sufficient pressure on the selectmen to have it put on the paving list.  Richard Lee suggested that it would take the town as many as 3 to 4 years to pave the road after such a project is at the top of the list.  It could take another 5 to 6 years to get to the top of the list.  Bob Brown said it was an excellent meeting.  Richard Lee is a very good resource person.

Fish/Game & Wildlife:  Bob Brown has had an ongoing dialogue with the Fish & Game fish biologist.  If there is time, the biologist may come up to do a mini survey of Messer Pond this summer.  Beaver relocation may be necessary.

We now have posts for the Duck Boxes and Peter Stanley will help us with this project.  We are ready to go.  Bob will talk with Barbara Troxell regarding Bat House plans.  He also mentioned that Fish & Game perhaps could provide a speaker for a future program.  It certainly is worth checking into.

Update on Weed Management:  Janie Webster attended this meeting to talk about the program.  She brought along a sample kit and manual provided to each of the weed watchers by the State.  The kit has samples of the various prohibitive exotic aquatic plants and some native look-alikes that grow in the pond.  The weed watcher team checks a specific area each month and marks and reports any questionable or unusual weeds to Amy Smagula as the representative of the NH Department of Environmental Services, or Janie as Weed Watch Chairman.  Each of the weed watchers has attended LSPA training and update sessions and training on Messer Pond with Amy or her staff.  The pond is divided into sections with each weed watcher checking their own waterfront and nearby area.  Janie’s weed watch team consists of the following people:  Les Brown (new), Dick Cavallaro, Bob and Emma Crane, John and Pat Harris, Jack Hughes, Jane Landenberger, Bruce and Nancy Stetson, Jeff Troxell, Frank Voellmann and Janie Webster.  Additional members are needed.  Please contact Janie at 526-2216 or Bob Brown at 526-6240.  The State provides us with these kits free of charge.  Lake Sunapee Protective Association includes us in their training sessions.  Bob asked what we can do to help financially.  Janie feels we should make a contribution to LSPA for all their help to MPPA.  Perhaps we could also put a “Thank You” to LSPA on our website.  Bruce Stetson has also provided each weed watcher with a view finder he has made for us.  All of these people and associations should be thanked by MPPA for their help.  The weed watchers will be meeting at the Bog Road boat launch on 6/22/06 at 1 pm for hands-on training on the Pond with Amy Smagula. Janie will contact all team members.  Bob thanked Janie for all her work as Weed Watch Chairman and a great report to the board.

Water Quality:  John Harris has agreed to take over the monitoring of water quality from David Webster.  All the files have been given to John.  Monitoring takes place in June, July, August and September.  The State gets involved in August.  The trouble spots are usually at the culverts.  Bruce Stetson has volunteered to help John Harris with the monitoring.  We can always use more help.


Fred Kaufman reported that he had put the clipboard and sign-in sheet back in the mailbox at the Bog Road boat launch and one canoe had been signed in on April 29.  He said no more signs should be put up at the boat launching area.  It is becoming too cluttered.


Although Barbara Troxell was unable to be here tonight, she still needs volunteers to help with the 4th of July activities.  Willing volunteers should contact her,


Regatta:  Barbara has advised that the Greenawalt Family is taking over the oars from Derek Hunt.  Volunteers will be needed to help with this activity as well.  People should contact Barbara Troxell or the Greenawalts via email at (, or

Bob reminded board members that our June BOD Meeting has been rescheduled for Friday, June 23rd at 7 p.m. at 458 Forest Acres Road.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, 

Elizabeth A. Brown





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