SEPTEMBER 8, 2006 


The Board of Directors met at the home of President Bob Brown on Friday, September 8, 2006, at 7 p.m.  Board members present were Bob Brown, Bob Crane, Jean-Pierre Paquette, Jackie Parcells, Nancy Stetson, Barbara Troxell, Brian Wicenski and Betty Brown.  Also attending the meeting was Sandy Brown.

President Bob Brown opened the first meeting of the new board welcoming new members Jacalyn (Jackie) Parcells and Jean-Pierre (JP) Paquette.  Board members echoed Bob’s welcome.

The secretary apologized for arriving late, but had a problem with the computer and was unable to download minutes for the meeting.  Once the problem is solved, they will be e-mailed to the board members.

Membership Report:  Betty advised that as of July 22nd, our 2006 membership totals 109, representing 48 families.  Included in this total are new members, Phil and Elaine Goldberg.  The Goldberg’s have recently built a house on Forest Acres Road.   

Annual Meeting Critique:  Although President Bob Brown felt that the July 22nd Annual Meeting had been successful, he asked for the board’s comments on the meeting.  In discussion, all felt that it had indeed been a good meeting.  The CSC Lethbridge Lodge was favored as an excellent meeting location.  Several Association members expressed their approval of the lodge again this year.  Barbara will contact the Campus Activities Director Sharon Williamson to reserve the same location for our July 28, 2007, Annual Meeting if possible.  We did have a request at the meeting by member Jeanne Conly that a PA system be available for future annual meetings because of the difficulty hearing speakers.  After Director Crane spoke to the membership at the Annual Meeting with information he had put together regarding paving roads around Messer Pond, there were many questions and an excellent discussion by all.  Following are some of the comments and/or questions brought up in that discussion to be addressed by the Board.

Website:  Nancy Stetson reported that photos of the July 4th Celebration and the first Regatta are now posted on the web as well as information on this year’s Regatta Party.  She continues to improve and update our website on a regular basis, especially working on Weed Watching.  Nancy is looking for historical information about Messer Pond.  Betty will go back through the files and see what she can find.  We should also add to the history of the Pond that on 8/29/06 at a presentation by Sarah Smith from UNH, she was presented with a log end from the Hurricane of l938, stamped with the US Forestry seal, by MPPA President Bob Brown. He had found the log in Messer Pond in l976.  JP Paquette suggested that perhaps Bob MacMichael of Elkins could be contacted for more information on the temporary saw mill on Messer Pond back then. 

Finance:  JP Paquette gave a brief report on our current financial status.  He is in the process of obtaining signature cards as the new Treasurer.  The banks will need a copy of our Annual Meeting minutes showing the election of new officers and directors to the board.  JP said that we have not paid for the 4th of July flares obtained from Pleasant Lake yet because they haven’t figured out their bill.  Nancy has submitted the website charges to JP tonight.  Other than that, we are current. 

Social and Educational Activities:  Barbara Troxell thanked Jackie Parcells for her help in organizing the July Picnic and said the Greenawalts had done a great job of preparing for the Regatta.   Even though the weather had not cooperated, the Greenawalt families opened their home to us for a “Non-Regatta” Party.  Everyone had a great time and the food was terrific.  Barbara was pleased to report that Gordon and Terri Bingham have graciously volunteered to host our Winter Gathering on December 9th at their home.  The August 29th MPPA sponsored program “They Sawed Up a Storm” by Sarah Smith was well attended with approximately 40 people.  Sarah’s slide presentation was excellent.

A “Thank You” should be posted on our website to her and to the Greenawalt families for hosting the “Non-Regatta” Party.  The website is an excellent tool for reaching people.  A written thank you note by the secretary will also be sent to Sarah Smith for her generosity in providing MPPA with a CD with various photos from her presentation. 

Barbara also reported plans are in the making for a program on Wells and Well Water by NHDES for next year.   Bob Crane suggested that we consider planning the program jointly with CSC’s Community and Environmental Studies in Natural Sciences Program and we may be able to use the Curtis Ivey Center.  Laura Alexander would be the contact person.  Forestry was another suggestion for a future program.  Amy Smagula will be the featured speaker at the next Annual Meeting on July 28, 2007.  Barbara was thanked for doing such a great job. 

Water Safety and Fish & Game:  Bob again welcomed Jackie Parcells aboard and he talked a little about her area of responsibility.  He told Jackie that he had been communicating with John Viar, the Fisheries Biologist for NH Fish & Game.  Bob said Messer Pond was stocked with large mouth bass over 30 years ago and the bass are still doing well today. He also mentioned Karen Bordeau as the NH Fish & Game Wildlife Biologist contact.  He has given Jackie other contact names for use as well.  There is a NH Marine Patrol website which is very helpful.  The website is a good conduit for Boat Regulations.  Beaver control was brought up.  For a number of years, we have had a water level problem.  Culverts are getting plugged.  Blueberry bushes are being washed away because of the high water level.  We need to understand the problem better and then find out how to resolve it.  Jackie said she will make some calls to Fish & Game to do an assessment.  JP suggested we might also contact the Environmental Studies Program Coordinator at Colby and see if we could get some people involved in having a free study done, perhaps by students.  Jackie said she is excited about her position on the board and is raring to go. 

Water Quality/Land Issues:  After five years as Weed Watch Chair, Janie Webster has talked to Bob Brown about retiring from her position and she has been talking with members, looking to find her replacement.  One of the people Janie has talked with is Terri Bingham.  Follow up is needed.  There should be a Water Quality Report from the testing done in July by John Harris and Bruce Stetson. Bob Crane will follow up with Janie about her replacement and John Harris about the water testing results.  Pond inspection this year needs follow up as well.

Roads-gravel vs. paved:  As mentioned in the earlier critique of the Annual Meeting, there were many good comments during the “roads” discussion.  Bob Crane said again maintaining the health of the Pond is the goal.  Some culverts need to be extended.  Catch basins are all filled up and running into the pond.  The membership, at the Annual Meeting, requested more investigation or information gathering by the MPPA Board.  Bob Brown added that we need to figure out what our message is, prove whether it is better or safer to pave or not and provide the hard data.  Bob Crane said in terms of studies, the environmental impact hasn’t been studied.  He was asked if there is someone at the LSPA we can talk with about a study done by Sunapee.  Bob Crane will be seeing Terry Dancy at an upcoming conservation commission meeting and offered to speak with him then. 

Bob Brown said we seem to be giving people mixed messages.  All changes need to be investigated.  While Messer is currently a healthy Pond, what changes have taken place? We need more weed discussion and should obtain a copy of the study done at Lake Sunapee.  He asked Bob Crane to talk with Terry Dancy and to put together bullet points on information gathering so that the Board can get an update out to the membership. 

The Fall Newsletter will go out in early November and an article from each board member would be appreciated.  Articles should be in by mid October.  E-mail articles to any one of us (Barbara, Betty or Nancy) and be sure to copy the other two team members. 

Nancy was approached at the Regatta party by Nancy Constable with some lovely photographs of Messer Pond taken by a friend.  This photographer actually sells her photos in a gift shop she owns.  Nancy C. had asked if we would be interested in purchasing the pond photos to be sold by the Association.  JP asked if MPPA would receive a percentage of the sale price?  That had not come up in the conversation and we know these photographs would be fairly expensive to purchase.  Although all agreed the photos were beautiful, members felt we should concentrate on selling the MPPA note cards we have recently restocked.  Betty also mentioned that selling Tee Shirts is only profitable if we order them in lots of ten or more.  Otherwise there is no advantage to selling them.  Members who order the MPPA Tee Shirts must prepay and then have to wait until we have a total of 10 ordered before screen printing at Flash Photo.  Perhaps we should see if there is enough interest shown by the membership to support having additional Tee Shirts made up. 

Bob Brown left us with one thought on forest management.  When you cut, regeneration comes back very quickly and wildlife benefits from this also. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth A. Brown





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