Messer Pond Protective Association, Inc.

New London, New Hampshire




Incorporated in the State of New Hampshire under the provisions of RSA 292.  The undersigned being of lawful age, associate under the provisions of the Laws of New Hampshire by the following:


Article 1.  Name:  The name of this corporation shall be:

Messer Pond Protective Association, Inc.


Article 2.  Purpose:  The primary purpose for which this association is established is to protect Messer Pond and its environs.


                 Objectives of the organization are:


a.  To maintain and preserve the water quality of Messer Pond through regular testing and monitoring.

b.  To take steps necessary to control and reduce the algae and other undesirable plant material in Messer Pond.

c.  To stop or minimize in any and all ways possible the discharge of nutrients and /or sewage effluent and/or other potentially harmful pollutants and/or run-off directly or indirectly into Messer Pond.

d.  To maintain insofar as possible a desirable water level for Messer Pond.

e.  To improve, through cooperation with the State Fish and Game Dept., the natural habitat for fish, birds and animals in and around Messer Pond.

f.  To maintain and promote the natural scenic beauty of Messer Pond.

g.  To serve and promote the recreational and natural resource interest of Messer Pond and adjoining areas in the Town of New London.

h.  To inculcate a sense of individual obligation on the part of each person on Messer pond and adjoining areas to promote the general welfare of all and to establish and maintain goodwill and fellowship.

i.  To exercise all the powers and privileges of a corporation organized and under the Business Corporation Laws for the State of New Hampshire.


Article 3.  Place of Business:  The place in which the business of this Association is to be carried out is in New London, NH.


Article 4.  Capital Stock:  Messer Pond Protective Association, Inc. is a non-profit association and there fore has no capital stock.


Article 5.  Membership:  Membership in this Association shall consist of anyone interested in the welfare and protection of Messer Pond and environs and who has paid their annual donation to become an active member.


Article 6.  Officers:  The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary elected by ballot annually, all of whom will serve without pay, with the exception of the Secretary whose remuneration, if any, shall be determined by the Board of Directors.  There shall also be elected annually four Directors of the Board.  In order to promote continuity, any retiring President shall serve one additional year as a fifth Director.  No order of rules succession are specified or implied.


Article 7.  Meetings:  After the first year of formation, annually there shall be held in New London or elsewhere a meeting of the Association of the fourth (4th) Saturday in July for the purpose of electing officers and members to the Board of Directors, and for the transaction of any other business that may legally be brought before the membership.  The Secretary of the Association shall notify in writing, or by other means, every member of the Association of the date and place of the meeting 15 days in advance of the date set by the President.


Article 8.  Fiscal Year:  The Fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.


Article 9.  Quorum:  A quorum shall consist of 15 members for a General meeting or a majority of the Board for a meeting of the Board.  A quorum must be present at any meeting at which business is transacted or a vote taken committing the Association to any proposal or action.


Article 10.  Decisions:  Decisions which require general membership approval include changes to the Articles of Agreement and By-laws, budgets and expenditures, acceptance of the annual financial report and changes in Association policies and commitments.  The Board of Directors shall be empowered to make all decisions concerning the execution of policy commitments.


Article 11.  Amendment:  Any member may submit in writing any proposed amendment to the Secretary at any time during the year up to June 1.  Not less than 15 days prior to the annual meeting, the Secretary shall forward a copy of all proposed amendments to every member.  All proposed amendments will be read and presented to the annual meeting by the Secretary in the name of the person submitting the proposed amendment.  When this procedure is followed, Amendments to The Articles of Agreement and By-laws may be adopted at any annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided they represent a quorum as defined in Article 10.


Article 12.  Dissolution:  Should the Messer Pond Protective Association ever dissolve, its assets if any will be turned over to the Lake Sunapee Protective Association, PO Box 683, Sunapee, NH  03782.


Article 13.  Liability:  The officers and directors will not be held personally liable to the Association or its members for any monetary damages or breech of duty unless an act of intentional misconduct, known violation of law or improper personal benefit occurs.




As Amended at MPPA Annual Meeting

By vote of Membership on 07/23/05







Messer Pond Protective Association

P.O. Box 103

New London, NH 03257


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