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Article 1.  Duties of Officers:  The President shall be the executive head of the Association with full power to enforce the provisions of the Articles of Agreement and By-laws.  He/she shall be a member ex-officio of the Board of Directors.  The Vice President, in the absence of disability of the President, shall have all the powers of the President.  The Treasurer shall receive all moneys  and be the custodian of the funds of the Association.  He/she shall disburse funds upon receipt of bills approved by the President (except over $100).  He/she shall submit to the Board an annual statement of the past year's revenue and expenses and present to the general membership.  The secretary shall conduct all correspondence, send out notices, attend all meetings and keep accurate minutes thereof and keep a complete up-to-date list of all members.


Article 2.  Board of Directors


Section 1.    Election:  The Board, which will consist of the Association Officers and four Directors, shall be elected from the membership annually.  In order to promote continuity, any retiring President shall serve one additional year as a fifth Director.  No order or rules of succession are specified or implied.


Section 2.    Duties and Responsibilities of the Board:


a.  The Board shall have charge and management of the business, property and affairs of the Association.

b.  They shall prepare and approve a budget.

c.  They shall establish the amount of a donation for active membership.  Any person ceases to be an active member upon failure to make the yearly donation.  An inactive member may regain active membership by making an appropriate donation to the Treasurer.

d.  The Board or a committee thereof shall have charge and responsibility for all the Association projects.

e.  They shall not hold the Association responsible for expenditures for any items not included in the budget.

f.  They shall meet as often as necessary to transact any business of the Association in an effective and expedient manner.


Article 3.  Voting:  Each member, 18 years or older, shall be eligible for one vote, such vote to be given in person or by proxy in writing to the Secretary.


Article 4.  Elections:  All elections shall be by ballot.  The candidate receiving the largest number of votes will be elected.


Article 5.  Replacement of Officers Unable to Serve:  Any officer unable to fulfill his or her term of office will be replaced by an appointment made by the Board of Directors.  The individual appointed will serve out the remainder of the term of the officer unable to serve.



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