The Newsletter for the Messer Pond Protective Association                                         Vol. X. No.1. May 2006




SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2006 

     By popular demand, our 11th Annual Meeting will again be held in the Lethbridge Lodge on the Colby-Sawyer Campus with beautiful views of Ragged Mountain.  The main area has recently been dedicated as the Ponder Great Room.  Ping-Pong, tennis and pool (billiards, not swimming) will be available.  Hopefully, we can improve the acoustics by turning off the refrigerators and/or using a P.A. system. 

     As usual, we will have brief reports, election of officers, related business and a Q&A period.  The main event, again coordinated by Anne Wustrow, will be our POT LUCK PICNIC AND SOCIAL GET-TOGETHER. 

     Make a family weekend of it along with the New London Antique Show and the Big Apple Circus.  Meet your new neighbors.  Volunteers are needed.  Contact Anne Wustrow or Barbara Troxell  



What a strange one!

     By January 27th Concord recorded 56.3 inches of rain, approaching the l888 record of 54 inches.  We obviously exceeded this as the “winter” progressed.  It’s hard to believe New London actually received 76 inches of snow in dribs and drabs. 


Winter 2005-6             6 feet, 4 inches

Winter 2004-5             9 feet, 6 inches

Winter 2003-4             9 feet, 2 inches

 Winter 2002-3            l5 feet, 4 inches 

     Skating commenced on the Pond December 8th and on the 9th we had our first significant snowfall (8 inches).  The skating pictures enclosed were taken January 8th.  Thanks to Stan and Taylor Morono and J.P. Paquette for being our human zambonies.


Boat Ramp Parking – January 8 2006                                             Skating and Hockey – January 8 2006   

     One of the more unusual temperature changes took place during January 14 -15, from 55ْ F to 0ْ F in 24 hours.


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



  MPPA   Messer Pond Protective Association

     Officers:                                                                  Directors:                                                               

     Robert Brown (Bob)      President                             Robert Crane (Bob)

     Brian Wicenski               Vice President                     Harrison Roberts                    

     Derek Hunt                    Treasurer                             Nancy Stetson

     Elizabeth Brown (Betty) Secretary                             Barbara Troxell

                                                                                      Jane Landenberger (Ex-officio)

Messer Ponderings  Vol. X, No. 1, May 2006

Title – Carolyn Kaufman

EditorFred Kaufman

PublisherBetty Brown

InsigniaKaren Haskell



Post Office Box l03                                               Watershed and Land Issues – Bob Crane              

New London, NH 03257                                      Water Quality and Aquatic Weed Management -

Email:                             Water Safety and Fish/Wildlife – Harrison Roberts

Website:                            Water Monitoring –  John Harris, Bruce Stetson

                                                                             Activities and Education - Barbara Troxell

                                                                             Website Administrator - Nancy Stetson

                                                                             Weed Watch Chairman - Janie Webster                 


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



Tuesday, 07/04/06 – (Pleasant Lake is on Saturday) 

     The event will include the following activities:

A Fishing Derby for the younger crowd

A Moveable Feast –lunchtime sales and deliveries of grilled hot dogs / hamburgers, soft drinks and treats to shoreline lots by chefs on a raft, for the purpose of raising money to build bat boxes.  Bats love to eat mosquitoes!

    It is suggested that Pond Residents light flares along their shoreline shortly before dark on July 4th.

    For the 4th of July activities, we need moveable feast chefs, people to shop for the food, volunteers to cut up the pieces for the bat houses, fishing derby organizers and participants.  Eric Miller will pull the raft around with the food.

            What is needed? Your involvement! Contact Barbara Troxell at  or  603 742-7746 / 526-7807.



Sunday, September 3rd 

IT’S BACK – with your help!

     There will be a boat parade with a Parade Marshal and all boats are welcome and encouraged (even if not decorated for the competition).

     Boat participants who are costumed with decorated boats will also circle the judges’ area in pursuit of the coveted Regatta prize ribbons.

     Prize winners will be announced at the party (Webster/Hunt joint area) after the parade/judging.  Everyone brings a snack, appetizer, treat and the association provides the beverages.

     For the Regatta, The Greenawalt Family will be taking over the oars from Derek Hunt as organizers.  We will need judges and participants.  Again, contact Barbara Troxell or the Greenawalts (,, if you can help with this fun activity.




     The Messer Pond Protective Association is sponsoring a lecture and slide show entitled, “They Sawed Up A Storm”.  This photo presentation is about a group of women who operated a sawmill on the shores of Turkey Pond, Concord where logs from the l938 hurricane were stored.  It also highlights the determination of the people of New England.  It will be held on Tuesday evening, August 29th, at the Tracy Memorial Library beginning at 7 p.m.  Admission is free.  The presentation will be given by Sarah S. Smith, Forest Industry Specialist with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.  This topic should be of interest to Messer Pond residents as the Pond was also used as a storage site after the hurricane.  Many of the logs still remain on the bottom and occasionally have floated up.  If anyone sees one with the official US stamp on it, Sarah would be most interested in a viewing.

     - Barbara Troxell - Activities & Education


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037


President’s Message 


    The New London/Lake Sunapee Region is truly a special area, but with its beauty, serene vistas and recreational offerings, we attract many new visitors whose behavior can introduce potential risks to our paradise.  Not every visitor or property owner is environmentally wise.  Therefore, we must preserve our watershed and Pond through sensible choices that balance growth and common good.  Education and awareness are key factors, as well as team involvement in obtaining this goal.

    Much has happened within MPPA in the past several months, one of the most significant being the establishment of the Messer Pond Protective Association’s website Check it out!  What a great start and lots more to come.

    The Directors have been working hard on several new projects and are eager to share their enthusiasm and facilitate communication with members      who would like to participate in activities and get involved.  Efforts continue with weed management, better understanding of our watershed, as well as seeking the assistance of many local and State agencies.  NH Department of Environmental Service, NH Fish &Game, NH State Forest Nursery, Lake Sunapee Protective Association, NH Lakes Association, New London Conservation Commission and New London Highway Department, to name a few.

     Several social activities are in the planning stage, such as a July 4th celebration, Annual Meeting and late summer Regatta.  These many activities whether social, educational or work, all provide a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, interests and concerns and to get to know our neighbors much better.  Your involvement is a critical element in maximizing the effectiveness of MPPA.

     - Bob Brown, President, MPPA




     If you want a short hiking trail, try the one from County Road down to Messer Pond.  This is on land donated by the Mengalis Family several years ago.  It is now signed by the N.L.C.C. (New London Conservation Commission). 


     Our Website Administrator Nancy Stetson has agreed to fill our open director’s position.  Nancy, thanks for volunteering as well as your great work on the website. 


     We will again have a sign in sheet for those launching at the boat ramp and will explore the need for a “lake host” during key hours to check for milfoil.  The boat ramp gate was widened by 18 inches to make it easier to back in a boat trailer.


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



     As some of you may know, we finally have our very own Messer Pond Protective Association website.  We are very excited about its potential.  We hope it will become the primary means of communicating with the membership such items as the Annual Meeting date, July 4th festivities, the Regatta, Board of Directors meeting minutes, boating rules, milfoil awareness, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  If you visit the home page,, you are first greeted with a current photo taken by one of the members.  Then there is a brief description of the MPPA and its purpose.  Following is a menu listing the different sub-pages:

     Messer Ponderings Page displays the latest newsletter.  Yes, we will continue to mail out the biannual newsletter.  We do understand that not everyone has or wants web access.  Back issues may be found on the Archives page.

     Schedule Page lists the schedule of MPPA and community events such as the MPPA Board of Directors (BOD) meeting dates and the MPPA Annual (summer) Meeting date and location.  Please forward information on any activity you would like to see posted to either Betty Brown at, Bob Brown at or Nancy Stetson at  In addition, we would like to remind you that everyone is welcome to attend the BOD meetings; just notify Bob Brown beforehand.

     Current Officers Page lists the current MPPA officers and directors.  You may email anyone listed by clicking on their name.  Please note that email addresses of the membership will not be posted in order to protect your privacy.

     Meeting Minutes Page displays the most recent approved BOD minutes.  Prior minutes are available within the Archives page.

     About Messer Pond Page will include interesting information and facts about the Pond.  We would like to include historical data as well.  If you have any information to include, please forward it to the address(es) listed above in the Schedule page paragraph.

     Pond Ecology Page will include important information about invasive weeds (milfoil, etc.), our MPPA Weed Watcher team.  Please contact Janie Webster at

     Reading Room Page lists some links to interesting websites of relevance such as the NH Fish & Game Dept., the NH Lakes Association and the new Messer Pond Trail sponsored by the New London Conservation Commission.      

     Photo Gallery Page displays photos submitted by members taken of Messer Pond and MPPA activities.  Please forward any photos you would like posted to the address(es) listed above in the Schedule page paragraph.  Electronic files are preferred (*.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.tif) but photos can be scanned if required.

     Archives Page lists prior BOD meeting minutes and prior issues of the newsletter.

     A new page is planned to address Water Safety and Boating Rules.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to forward them to the address(es) listed above in the Schedule Page paragraph.

     We would like to extend a special thank you to Lester Brown, the creator of the original MPPA webpage.  Les put an extraordinary effort into making the webpage a success.  Another special thank you goes to Dick Cavallaro, who organized the initial web team and a successful presentation to the B.O.D.  Thanks also to the other web team members Bob Crane, Bruce Stetson, Glenda Cavallaro and Brian Wicenski for their ideas and support.

     - Nancy Stetson – Web Administrator


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



     This year a separate membership mailing was sent out in March in an effort to reach people earlier.  Having a clear understanding of our financial status early in the year is helpful in the planning of our programs, projects and activities.  The response has been encouraging.  We have heard from many of you already, including six new members.  We welcome Richard and Rosalie Denise, Scott and Gia Gagnon and Frank and Beverly King to MPPA!  As of this mailing, we have 86 paid members for 2006.    Thank you to all who returned your membership application forms so promptly.

     Your personal involvement and financial support are critical in protecting and preserving our Pond.  Please consider helping us in the important work we do.  Let’s strive for l00% participation!  Together, we can do it.  If, for any reason, you forgot to join, or did not receive an application form, a copy has been inserted in this newsletter.  We also have a membership application on line for your convenience, log on to:  Mail the form to MPPA at Post Office Box 103, New London, NH, 03255.

     We look forward to a busy year. 

     - Betty Brown – Secretary



BOD meetings were held on February 24th, April 7th and May 5th.  Minutes are/will be posted on our website.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 23rd, 7:00 p.m., 458 Forest Acres Road.

All members are invited.  Please contact Bob Brown, 526-6240, if you wish to attend.



“Green Power”

     Hemphill Power and Light Company in Springfield, NH is a small but important power generation plant producing about 14 Megawatts of electrical power.  Culled trees of no commercial value, bark, sawdust and other wood waste provide renewable fuel to generate power for our homes and businesses.

     Recent forest management activities around Messer Pond are contributing to this important fuel source while improving future forest timber lot quality.

     Public Service Company of NH is building a new Biomass power generating plant in Portsmouth to replace part of  the existing fossil fuel (coal) fired Shilling Plant.  The new Biomass facility will produce “Green Power” while creating many forest related jobs in the area.


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



     Of interest to the Messer Pond community is the continued good health of our pond.  To help assure a healthy pond, we all must be diligent about keeping pollutants away from water access and watchful for any suspicious growth when in or on the pond.  

     A team of weed watchers checks a specific area each month and marks and reports any questionable or unusual sightings to Amy Smagula as the Department of Environmental Services Representative, or Janie Webster as Weed Watch Chairman.  We each have attended LSPA training and update sessions and training on Messer Pond with Amy or her staff.  The pond is divided into sections as shown on the map, with the following people checking their own waterfront and nearby area:  Les Brown, Dick Cavallaro, Bob and Emma Crane, John and Pat Harris, Jack Hughes, Jane Landenberger, Bruce and Nancy Stetson, Jeff Troxell, Frank Voellmann and Janie Webster. 

     We hope as each MPPA member uses the pond you will do your part in checking our waters and reporting any questions or comments to Janie, Bob Crane as Water Chairman, or Bob Brown as President.  In 2004 we found no unusual plants.  In 2005 we found suspicious milfoil in two places.  Samples were sent to be tested and thankfully it was NATIVE (good) Milfoil.  In 2006, together we can keep Messer Pond the beautiful body of water it is!

Weed Watcher Training Dates with Amy Smagula 

     Messer Pond, Bog Road Boat Launch

Thurs. June 22nd   -    l pm – 3 pm

     Canaan, Goose Pond

Sat., June 24th       -    9 am

      -Janie Webster, 526-2216, email: - Weed Watch Chairman



1.   Bear Warning:   We hear from State officials that this year food for bears is extremely scarce.  You are warned to not only remove bird feeders but to make sure that garbage can lids are tight and placed in a closed garage. 

2.   Jane Landenberger reports several piles of clam shells on her beach from an otter’s clambake. 

3.   Debbie Hunt again spotted several varieties of Mergansers (Hooded and Common), but her most unusual sighting was a pair of Minks (not      enough for a winter coat however.) 

4.   We have a new Beaver hut on the East end of the Pond (between Les and Betty Brown’s and the Kaufman’s.) 

5.   Erata:   Last issue’s reference to Canadian geese was incorrect, they are merely called Canada geese.  (Is it the Canada prime minister?) 



     The earliest for Lake Sunapee was March 29th in 1921.  This year’s April 3rd was the earliest in 60 years.  The latest recorded was May 14th  in 1888.

Year    Lake Sunapee       Messer Pond       

2006         April 3                   April 2

2005         April 19                 April 17

2004         April 18                 April 19

2003         April 27                 April 22

2002         April 12                 April 10

2001         May 3                    April 30

2000         April 9                   April 8

1999         April 13                 April 10

1998         April 13                 April 14

1997         April 24                 April 25

      The ice out date is defined as the day a boat could navigate the entire length of the lake/pond without going through ice.  (Ice may still remain in various coves.)



     Many thanks to Jeanne and former MPPA President Dale Conly for hosting our December 10, 2005 Wine and Cheese Party.  What a joy to view their collection of antiques in between wine and conversation.  Mark Saturday, December 9, 2006 on your calendar for this year’s holiday event.


Editor – Messer Ponderings 

     After l0 years, your editor has decided it is time to retire.  A newsletter team of three has offered to edit and publish the Messer Ponderings beginning with the fall issue in November.  Team members are Betty Brown, Nancy Stetson and Barbara Troxell.  It’s been fun! 

     - Fred Kaufman – Editor

Boating Regulations

     The legislation that passed in the N.H. House of Representatives limiting boat speeds to a maximum of 45 m.p.h. failed to pass in the Senate.  However our main problems have been a few exceeding the 6 m.p.h. headway speed when within l50 ft. of the shore, island, rafts or other boats.  Please feel free to report any violators to the N.H. Marine Patrol at 293-2037.



     Boat operators between the ages of l6 and 43 operating a vessel over 25 h.p. are required to possess a Safe Boater Education Certificate.  Youths under l6 operating such a boat must be accompanied by an adult having a valid certificate.  For information on Safe Boating Class dates and locations, contact:, or call 1-888-254-2145.


     BOAT VIOLATIONS – CALL 293-2037



     Our water quality remains good, showing no deterioration over the nine years we have been sampling.



1.  Lawn Fertilizers  -  Please do not use within 50 ft. of the Pond.  Further back, use a zero phosphorus fertilizer (“0” for the middle number), such as “Perk-up” available at Longacres Nursery in Lebanon.  If you have a lawn service, are they following these guidelines? 

2. Septic Tanks - Should be pumped every 2-3 years.  Obviously part-timers can stretch this. 

    3. Swimming Safety - If you  swim out to the island or elsewhere away from shore, consider wearing a bright swimming cap. (Bright Orange Speedo Cap from Huberts, $2.99) 

4.   Permits Required   for: a) Tree cutting, greater than 4 inch diameter, 50 ft. from water. (No permit required for pruning.)   b) Dock installation, shoreline modification. 

5. It is illegal  to uproot weeds in the Pond, permissible to cut (See Milfoil, weed cutting articles). 


NOTE:  Your publisher is responsible for the late distribution of this newsletter due to the flu.

     - Betty Brown 







Messer Pond Protective Association

P.O. Box 103

New London, NH 03257

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