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Our 10th Annual Meeting was held inside the beautiful Lethbridge Lodge (Student Center) on the Colby-Sawyer College campus. Retiring President Jane Landenburger conducted the tumultuous meeting whereby the new Board of Directors was voted in over the one originally nominated. Janie Webster reported on her  Milfoil Monitoring Program. Our thanks to Bruce Stetson for making about 10 milfoil magnification inspection tubes for improved viewing in the water. Dave Webster then demonstrated the equipment he uses to sample water at various levels for submission to the State approved lab at CSC. All the amendments to our bylaws and articles of agreement were passed by the membership. Many thanks to Anne Wustrow and Jackie Parcells for organizing the Pot-luck Supper. Children enjoyed the game room as well as hiding in the 4 ft. high grass field below the lodge.


We wish President Anne Ponder the best of luck as she departs to become Chancellor of The University of North Carolina in Asheville. MPPA assisted CSC in the establishment of their Community and Environment Institute. Our newsletters are published at their facilities and of course, we use their water lab in the new science center. Dave Webster has arranged for one of their environmental classes to study our Pond this fall.


MPPA currently has 109 paid members including the following new members: Charlotte and Sonia Berg (children of Eric & Amy Berg), James & Carolyn Byrne and William & Wendy Sloan. In October a letter was sent to a few neighbors  receiving our newsletter who may have forgotten to join.

Lakes Monitoring Report

Water, boat and plant monitoring had a busy season on Messer pond.

(1)   David Webster and John Harris did the water monitoring under the direction of the State of NH Department of Environmental Services Volunteer Lakes Assessment Program (VLAP), which monitors over 200 lakes and ponds in NH. We used the lab of the Lake Sunapee Protective Association at Colby-Sawyer College to do our laboratory analysis. We drew samples from the pond at a maximum depth of seven meters, from one inlet (County Road), three brooks (171 Forest Acres Road, Nutter Brook, and Brown Brook), and one outlet (Bog Road), in June, July and September and, with Andrea LaMoreaux of NH VLAP, did a more detailed sampling in August. Some areas of concern were observed by Andrea and conveyed to Bob Brown, MPPA President. Overall, the Pond remains exceptionally clean and well maintained. 

(2)   Fred Kaufman placed and maintained monitoring signs and sign-in sheets at the Bog Road boat launch. The pond had a busy season of boaters who respected the need to keep boats clean and ensure no exotic milfoil getting into the pond. MPPA arranged with the Town to have a gate put in at the boat launch for monitoring control.

(3)   On October 21, David Webster helped a CSC class in Environmental Studies view the Pond for ecological impact, viewing all outlets, inlets, brooks and construction (road and residential) impacting the Pond. They have agreed to share the results of their study with us when completed.

(4)    Janie Webster organized the Weed Watchers. Some attended a training course given by Lake Sunapee Protective Association. All received a viewing tube made by Bruce Stetson. The viewing tubes were used during a detailed inspection of pond plant life conducted in August by Amy Smagula of the NH Dept. of Environmental Services.

(5)    At the July 23rd MPPA Annual Meeting, David Webster demonstrated the equipment used to sample the water of Messer Pond and explained the different findings made at the LSPA Lab at CSC.

Comment: Messer Pond is most likely a EUTROPHIC body of water which over extended time may have an increase of mineral and organic nutrients which reduces dissolved oxygen and produces an environment favoring plant over animal life (a bog). Therefore it must be watched closely and protected from environmental damage as much as possible. It is the role of ALL Messer Pond residents, lead by its monitors, to discover and control environmental impacts when identified.

David Z.Webster, Water Monitor



Jeanne and Dale Conly have graciously agreed to host our 8th Annual Holiday Wine and Cheese Party at their Knights Hill home on Saturday, December 10th (5:30-7:30 pm). Be sure to admire Dale's extensive carpentry and Jeanne's meticulous painting during their 3-year remodeling project. Keep in mind the original concept of this party is to bring one of your favorite wines and then taste wines others have contributed. A separate reminder notice will be sent out.



Last spring while walking their dog at 6 a.m., Emma & Bob Crane rescued a bunch of normally nocturnal 8-inch long salamanders making their way down Forest Acres Road.

Debbie Hunt spotted a rare Red Bill Merganser swimming by their house.

Jack Hughes sighted a North American Bittern last May. This bird is often heard, but seldom seen, is slightly smaller than a Great Blue Heron and is tan and brown with black wing tips.

Deer seem more prevalent than ever.

A front page article in the June 9, 2005 Wall Street Journal claims that black flies are currently more prevalent because our waters are getting cleaner. They evidently need clean water for food and laying their eggs. (And I thought our blood was all the food they needed.)

Jack Hughes and Bob Crane both noted turtle eggs on their property and Jane Landenberger had to summon the New London Police Department to remove an 18 inch-across snapping turtle from her back porch. It actually blocked the doorway.

A number of Canada Geese were spotted flying west this fall instead of south - Cancun??

Herb Spencer thought he saw a large raccoon with a black and gray striped tail; that was until he noted the cat-like face. After some researching, he determined the visitor was a Maine Coon Cat. During his water escapades on Labor Day, Herb saw five Piedbill Grebes paddling and diving for food; apparently taking a break on their way south.


     On October 28th, the Third Annual Ladies Luncheon was held at The Lake Sunapee Country Club to bid farewell to the snowbirds before they head south.  This year the Floridians will not have to be burdened with hurricane repairs.



In addition to the iron gate and sign installed at the boat ramp last year, we placed a "boat sign-in" clipboard inside a mailbox this summer. Data was generated to determine if we could possibly justify paying lake hosts to monitor entering boats for milfoil. See Milfoil Prevention Program Data insert in mailing.


On May 6, June 10, September 1 and October 28, 2005, items discussed included:

1.  Finalizing amendments to By-laws and Articles of Agreement.

2.  Weed Watcher Program.

3.  Milfoil inspection by a professional.

4.  Boat ramp sign-in box, lake hosts.

5.  Donation to Bedford (NH) Library Fund in the name of Midge Peters.

6.  Nominating Committee Report.

7.  Financial Reports.

8.  Annual Meeting preparations.

9.  New London ZBA Meetings on Ellison's buffer reduction, Voellmann's boardwalk and Hughes' Deck removal.

10. Membership Drive.

11. 2006 Regatta.

12. MPPA Website proposal.

Wanted... members who would like to become more involved in MPPA! Would you like to help with a project or serve on a committee? Share your experience and expertise, meet some interesting people? And most to preserve and protect Messer Pond.  Please contact Bob Brown at 


On September 18, 2005, Pat Harris was ordained as a Lutheran minister and will pastor the Community Lutheran Church in Enfield. She joins Charlotte Spencer and Stuart Nutter as MPPA ministers in-residence (or retirement). Congratulations, Pat!



Pam Low lost her Boston terrier, Casey, and Stan Richards lost his French poodle, Misha. Stan is now very busy training his new 3-month old poodle puppy, Gibson, while Pam is actively looking for a Boston terrier.



Board Mtg. - Thurs., Sept. 1, 2005 - 7:00 pm

Special Board Mtg. - Fri., Oct. 28, 2005 (Web Site Presentation) - 7:30 pm

Winter Get-together - Sat., Dec. 10, 2005,  5:30-7:30 pm   (Click here for details) 

Board Mtg. - Fri., Feb. 10, 2006 - 7:00 pm

Board Mtg. - Fri., April 7, 2006 - 7:00 pm

Board Mtg. - Fri., May 5, 2006 - 7:00 pm

Board Mtg. - Fri., June 9, 2006 - 7:00 pm

Annual Mtg. - Sat., July 22, 2006 - 3:30 pm (Location TBD)

Note: Board meetings are held at 458 Forest Acres Rd.  Contact Bob Brown at

Robert Brown (Bob)
Brian Wicenski
 Vice President
Derek Hunt
Elizabeth Brown (Betty)


Robert Crane (Bob)
Harrison Roberts
Barbara Troxell
Jane Landenberger (Ex-officio)
Note: One position currently open

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