MARCH 19, 2005


The Board of Directors of MPPA held a special meeting on Saturday, March l9th, 2005, at 4 p.m. at President Landenberger’s home.  Present at this meeting were Jane Landenberger, Treasurer Derek Hunt, Directors Sandra Brown, John Hughes, Gerald Rogoff and Brian Wicenski, Ex-officio Fred Kaufman and Secretary Elizabeth Brown.  Vice President Bob Brown had made the Board aware prior to this me eting that he would be unable to attend due to a previous commitment. 

Jane Landenberger stated the purpose of  the meeting was to discuss some concerns Bob Brown has regarding MPPA’s nomination process of officers for election. In an e-mail to Jane, he said he was unclear as to how the process works and also asked if a formal Nominating Committee would be appointed.  Bob had further mentioned he believes that there is need to refocus our vision.  

Prior to this meeting, board members had reviewed MPPA Bylaws and Articles of Agreement, and had either come to the meeting with suggestions or had submitted in writing their thoughts on the nominating process and possible bylaw changes. 

Since Brian Wicenski could only be in attendance for the first part of this meeting, Jane called on him to discuss his thoughts.  Brian stated it was his understanding that Bob was confused by the election process of officers and after reviewing the bylaws himself, he could certainly understand why.  The bylaws are somewhat vague and kind of confusing on elections, and say nothing about succession.  Defining job descriptions would also help.  Brian had brought with him and passed out to each member a handwritten copy of three models he put together that possibly could be used as a guideline for the election of officers (copy attached).  He briefly went over three suggested models as follows: 

Model #l -  The Vice President is nominated and elected with the understanding that he/she will serve as Vice President, then President, then Past President.  The Past President (Director #5), will also head a Nominating Committee.  This model has a person committed to 3 years. 

Derek Hunt reminded Brian the President serves a two-year term of office as President, so the person would actually be committed to 4 years rather than 3. 

Model #2 -  Each person is elected with President moving to Past President.  President®Past President (Director #5)®Serving as  Chairperson of Nominating Committee.  This model has a person committed to 3 years.

Model #3 -  Each person is elected.  No automatic Vice President®President.  Vice President is also Chairperson for Nominating Committee.  This model has a Nominating Committee Chairperson committing to one year.  It also eliminates the problem if the Past President cannot serve.  The Nominating Committee Chairperson would be responsible for forming this Committee. 

Suggestions:  Bylaw changes- 

Add:   The Vice President will become President.

Add:  The Vice President serves as Nominating Committee Chairperson.

Strike the word “Chairman” under Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities.  (a) The Directors shall annually elect a Chairman.  It was noted that the word “Chairman” is not mentioned anywhere else in the bylaws.   

Brian also suggested that perhaps a way to stimulate more interest from those Association members or pond residents not currently participating would be to increase the number of events held during the year.   While the three or four social events currently held are all good, it might be wise to hold several smaller events encouraging participation from people who are not necessarily here every weekend, or have the time to be involved in long lasting projects or committees.  He named several different types of events such as nature walks, conservation, clean-up walks, education, boating, environment, etc.  He suggested that we could put out invitations to people to help on little things, using this as an avenue to seek out new people with fresh ideas, and involve them in smaller tasks of the Association.  Brian also felt that perhaps we needed to discipline ourselves to stay on track in dealing with issues at board meetings. 

Before leaving the meeting, Brian also reported to the Board that the Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition has changed its meetings from the 4th Thursday to the lst Thursday of the month.  Jane thanked Brian for sharing his thoughts with us. 

The Board discussed the above suggestions and decided that we should give it more thought, go home, review the bylaws again, and come back to the next meeting ready to discuss all suggestions, including those sent out to people prior to this meeting.  

Gerry Rogoff discussed the need to include part-timers on the Board.  It is his hope that we will make it easier for part-timers to participate by allowing them to take part in meetings by phone if they are unable to attend.  He mentioned that the board has been accommodating him by making it convenient for him to attend meetings and he hopes that this flexibility for part-timer involvement will be continued.  Gerry feels it is very important to include part-timers in order for the Board to be truly representative of the whole Messer Pond community.   

The members around the table agreed that Brian’s suggestion to discipline ourselves to address an issue, solve it, and stay on track was important. 

Everyone agreed that job descriptions need to be better defined.  Derek Hunt suggested that each board member write two or three paragraphs of exactly what their job entails, and bring that back to the next meeting.

Names that were discussed for a possible Nominating Committee consisted of Jane Landenberger, Dick Cavallaro, Bob Brown and Fred Kaufman.    

The members discussed the importance of having Bob attend a meeting in the near future to discuss his agenda with the Board.  All agreed on several dates that will work for those present.  The following dates were given to Jane to be passed on to Bob so that a meeting can be planned around his schedule: 

April 8, 9

April 15, 16  (l6th preferable to the l5th (Tax Day))

April 22, 23

 Jane will contact Bob and advise him that we would like to sit down and discuss his questions and/or thoughts at his earliest convenience.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


 Respectfully submitted,

 Elizabeth A. Brown, Secretary





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