JUNE 10, 2005


The Board met at President Landenberger’s home at 7 PM on June 10, 2005.  Those members present were Jane Landenberger, Sandy Brown, Jack Hughes, Derek Hunt, Gerry Rogoff and Betty Brown.

The meeting was opened by Jane Landenberger.  This meeting had been called to set the agenda for the July 23 Annual Meeting.  Prior to the meeting opening, discussion had been taking place regarding a NHLA invitation to participate in the Lake Host Program.  Discussion continued with questions on the program cost, expertise of the person trained by the State, who might lead it up, whether it might be a director or one or two volunteers to head it up.  The Lake Host leader would hire a person and set up training with the NHLA for that person.  It was suggested by Gerry Rogoff and Derek Hunt that perhaps one of the new directors coming on the board might be interested in heading up this program.  Perhaps the Lake Host Program could be added to the agenda for the annual meeting.   

Derek offered to write a letter to NHLA.  Jane will maintain a log of the number of boats she sees from her home, and Fred will continue to check the mailbox for sign-in information.

Board Meeting Minutes of May 6, 2005, were reviewed and accepted as printed.

Derek reviewed the Financial Report of June 3, 2005.  Beginning Cash & CD‘s- $4,919.00 (6/l/05), YTD Income- $890.00, with YTD Expenses- $693.88.  The CD has been rolled over.  A copy of the financial report is attached to these minutes.  Derek advised  there is $400 remaining from the Town’s $l,000 Milfoil Fund allocation after expenditures of $600 for the sign, mailbox and view finders.   

At our May meeting, it was decided that Jane would write a letter to the Town of New London requesting $2,000 for milfoil prevention.  Jane feels we cannot justify asking for $2,000 when we haven’t yet spent the $l,000 allocated by the Town from last year.  Discussion ensued regarding this request.  Fred Kaufman reminded the members the Town had also paid for the gate at the boat ramp in addition to the $l,000 funding.  Betty reminded all that the Town requested a report on how the funds were expended.  Several members of the board mentioned the importance of a Lake Host Program.  A host program could cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2600, depending on the number of paid host hours.  Derek mentioned we have spent $400 each year for the past nine years for water testing.  Gerry suggested annual milfoil inspections could cost anywhere between $.00 to $1500 depending on availability of the inspector.  At the end of the discussion, Jane was asked to write the Town requesting $2,000 milfoil funding for MPPA.  Jack Hughes suggested an invoice of each milfoil prevention expenditure could be presented to the Town in the future.

Jane advised the board members that Laurie DiClerico, President of LSPA, has arranged for Amy Smagula to come to the NL Town Hall tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 9 a.m. to review milfoil identification.  If any member attends, please report back to the board.

Sandy was asked by Jane to make sure that Anne Wustrow had the photo album of previous years’ meetings for the picnic.  Sandy said it was taken care of.

Fred Kaufman mentioned the Lethbridge Lodge at CSC would be open the weekend of the l7th of July on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if we need to go in and plan our set up for the meeting on the 23rd.  There may be a water testing demonstration in the lab/classroom at our meeting.

Finally, the reason for today’s meeting - suggested agenda items for the annual meeting:


Welcome                                                                                        Jane

Announcements                                                                             Jane

Nominating Committee Report                                                    Dick Cavallaro                              

Membership Vote, Slate of Officers/Directors                                                                                           

Membership Approval of Revisions to Articles of Agreement and By-laws

Presentations                                                                                 Fred

Financial Report (to be printed in fall newsletter)                       Jane


Possible Topics: (brief comments)

Pond Inspection/Milfoil                                                                 Gerry

Water Quality/Weed Watchers                                                     The Webster’s

Lake Host Program 2005                                                              Jane

Water Safety (Placement of a marker buoy)

Upcoming Social Events:                                                               Jane

4th of July party will not be held this year as planned, but will happen next year. 

Mention suggestions for new activities, such as Olympics Day/prizes for children (to be a multi-event summer & winter day),Gourmet Club, Clean up Day, Bird house building, Nature Walks, Ice Hockey Skating on Pond / contact Derek Hunt for information, Dock Out Day/contact Derek Hunt for information. 


Water Quality:  Gerry Rogoff has had conversations with Bruce Stetson regarding the pond viewers Bruce is making for Janie Webster’s weed watchers group.   Gerry had made a sample pond viewer out of materials purchased at RP Johnsons. His viewer is made of sewer pipe material legal in NH.   It is lighter to carry with a handle/black inside, very clear, but very fragile.  He has been experimenting with this material and had a sample viewer with him.  Progress is being made on pond viewers.  Janie’s team will have tools to work with.

Fred Kaufman advised members that Scott Ellison was granted a special exception which would allow a reduction of the depth of the required wetland buffer on his property at the corner of County Road and Forest Acres Road where he will build his house.  Upon suggestion of the Zoning Board, the application was amended to request a special exception which would allow a reduction of the wetland buffer within an envelope defined by a beginning point of 125-feet from County Rd and an ending point of 400-feet from County Road, the wetland buffer to be reduced to 25 feet from said wetland on the southwest side only.  Zoning Board voted to grant the amended special exception contingent upon receipt of a new plan reflecting the change made at the hearing, and review of the plan by the Conservation Commission. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth A. Brown, Secretary





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